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Hi, I'm Kerry.  That's me, in the middle, and my family. Welcome, I am a Newborn Photographer.  Are you expecting or know someone who is expecting? I'm sure you have considered all of those amazing moments to come...I'm sure you may have seen some beautiful images while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, or from friends and family members. The images we see can evoke such emotion. I know firsthand, because I am right there, posing your new precious baby...creating those images for you to treasure for a lifetime. But have you considered ...who you might hire to photograph your newborn? Is your photographer licensed? Does your Photographer have insurance? Has your photographer been trained in the safety of posing your precious newborn? Will your photographer provide you with a prep guide to help you prepare for your newborn session? I can answer yes to all of those questions. I am insured, trained and licensed to photograph your newborn baby. I know these images can seem amazing and so dreamy, but please understand just how much training goes into posing your newborn. I will walk you through every pose, and strategic placement of each arm, leg, hand and the delicate process of making sure you baby is comfortable and Safe. I am passionate about newborn safety, and I want to make sure every parent who is seeking newborn photography is educated about how to choose your newborn photographer. I am happy to answer any question a potential client may have. Please, if you are considering hiring a photographer for your newborn baby, ask the questions I wrote down above. Ask to see a portfolio of their most recent work too...ask to see paper prints too. An image on social media can look one way but in person, in print can be out of focus or off in skin color. I want to make certain your investment in newborn photography is worth every penny you spend as well. It's your hard-earned money and you should be given a quality product and most importantly a safe environment for your newborn baby. Please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about my studio, and the newborn photography experience I can provide you.  Sincerely, Kerry

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